Our committee

Becky Whitfield

Chairperson / Safeguarding Officer

Sarah Anning

Treasurer and Fundraising

Emma Board

Secretary / Charity Commission Officer

Donna Manser

Fees & Funding Officer

Lucy Berryman

Marketing / Website Officer

Lauriel Woodley

Marketing / Website Officer

Anna Shelbourne

Health & Safety Officer / Policies Officer

Kelly Le Page

Committee Member

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Plymtree Pre-school is fortunate to have a dedicated board of Committee members. Each member has a "responsibility" area.  If you wish to talk to a member of the committee or a member of staff with reference to pre-school please feel free to at any time, email us at plymtreepreschool@gmail.com or contact Becky our Chairperson directly on 07801 750901.

Each committee member has agreed to serve on the committee for 12 months. This means we are always looking for new members.


Without the Committee, Plymtree would not have a Pre-School as it is a requirement of Ofsted. No previous experience is required and committee members are fully supported. Please contact any of the members for more information on joining the committee.


The committee are governed by a Constitution stipulating how we operate. Please see a copy of our Constitution, adopted from the Pre-School Learning Alliance.